Run Android apps on iOS

The full power of the Android platform on iPhones and iPads

Reduce time to market by eliminating cross-platform development. Automatically convert your existing Android apps to high-fidelity, native iOS apps.
Upload your compiled Android app (APK) to MechDome.
Choose to generate the iOS app for Simulator or devices.
MechDome quickly converts your Android app to a native iOS app, optimized to run on your selected platform.
Download your new iOS app and distribute it to your users.
  • Android API
    on iOS
    Use standard Android Java APIs, 3rd party Android and Java libraries or use any JVM based language like Kotlin.
  • iOS features and
    hardware support
    Access the Camera, Sensors, Touch ID and GPS. Share data with AirDrop. Open URLs in Safari. Select contacts and images with UIKit pickers. All without writing any specialized iOS code.
  • No Source
    Code Needed
    MechDome compiles your Android app directly into fully optimized native code.

You no longer have to think about Android and iOS as separate platforms requiring different development approaches.

  • Faster Time to Market
    Your iOS app is ready whenever your Android app is ready.
  • Single Codebase
    Maintain only your original Android source. Write a feature once for both platforms.
  • Instant Upgrades
    Simply reconvert your app to adapt to a new iOS release.
  • 100% code reuse
    Drastically reduce engineering costs.
  • Convert legacy apps
    Run existing Android apps on iOS.
  • No Training Needed
    Just Android skills. No proprietary tools, languages or APIs needed to create great iOS apps.
App Store Ready

Your converted iOS apps are fully compatible with standard Apple release tools and processes, and can be distributed via the App Store or Enterprise MDM.

We published a selection of Android apps to the App Store for you to try.



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