Using the Storage Access Framework

Apps using Android's Storage Access Framework (SAF) will transparently adopt iCloud Documents in iOS.

Android SAF Interface iOS iCloud Documents

iOS requires your developer account to be configured to allow an app to use iCloud. You need to create a container for an app then add the container to the AppID. Consult the Apple Developer website if you are unfamiliar with those terms.

Create a container

  • Login to your Apple's Developer account
  • Select Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles
  • Under Identifiers, select iCloud Container
  • Push + to create an iCloud container for your app
  • Provide a description for your container
  • For ID: enter iCloud.<app-package-name>
  • Push Continue then Register

Assign the container to an AppID

You must have created an AppID for your app.

  • Under Identifiers select App IDs
  • Select the desired AppID
  • Tap Edit
  • Check the iCloud option
  • Select include CloudKit Support
  • Tap Edit to assign a container to your app

If must regenerate and download any existing provisioning profiles for the iCloud Documents option to be enabled.