Installing Converted Apps

Apps can be installed on any 64bit iOS device running the minimum supported version of iOS.

You will receive a zip file when you download your converted app from MechDome. Unziping it will reveal the app bundle with extension .app. You must sign the app prior to installing it.

iOS Simulator

Signing your app for running in the iOS simulator does not require a certificate. You can sign your app with the following command:

codesign -fs - <>

Launch the emulator for the target iOS device an type this command to install your app

xcrun simctl install booted <>

iOS Devices

A certificate is needed to sign apps for installing on your devices. We provide a script that automates most of the steps required to sign and prepare an app for installation. You can download the build_ipa script from our GitHub repo.

A Provisining Profile is required when signing an app. If you don't have one you should read Apple's App Distribution Guide or our post Prepare your iOS Dev Account.

Use the following command to sign your app <provisioning profile>

The script will create the IPA file you can install on the devices included in the provisioning profile.

If you created a Distribution provisioning profiles you can upload your app to the App Store and use Test Flight to distribute it. If you used a Development provisioning profile you will need to directly connect the iOS device to your Macintosh to install the app.

Install Apps with iTunes

  1. Connect the iOS device to the Mac via lightning cable and double click on the IPA file created by, iTunes will open automatically. Select the Phone icon on the toolbar, highlighted in the picture below
  2. Select “Apps” on the left menu
  3. Click “Install” button next to your app
  4. Click “Sync” to install your app on the device

Install Apps using Xcode

  1. Launch Xcode
  2. Open Devices window by Window→Devices or using the Command+Shift+2 key combination
  3. Select your device under Devices category in left pane
  4. Under Installed Apps, click the (+) to browse and install the app on the device