Can my app include shared libraries?

Only JVM based languages are supported at this time. You may use Kotlin, Scala, Groovy, Clojure or any other language that compiles to Java bytecode

Can I use Google Play Services?

Various components of Google Play Services are supported including Maps, Ads and Firebase. Check the documentation about the particular API you would like to use. If your app is optimized with ProGuard the Google Play Services libraries must not be obfuscated. Add the following rule to proguard-rules.pro

-keep,allowshrinking public class com.google.** { public protected *; }

Which iOS devices are supported?

All 64bit iOS devices running iOS 10 or greater are supported.

What version of the Android API can my app use?

You must set the minSdkVersion to 22 or lower to convert your Android app to iOS

Do I need a Macintosh computer?

Not for developing your Android App. A Macintosh is required for testing your app in the iOS Simulator, installing apps in test devices and uploading apps to the App Store.

How fast will my app be?

Your app is compiled to fully optimized native code and will execute as fast as other native logic does on iOS

How can I use the Optional APIs?

If you use Android Studio you can add a dependency to your build.gradle compile 'com.mechdome:MechDome-Api:+'

If you rather build the API yourself you can find the source code in our GitHub

You must also set the build options your app uses in the My Apps page.