Android App Compiler

MechDome consumes the same Android app you upload to the Google Play Store to produce an iOS app. It converts the bytecode from your app into a fully optimized executable. All resources and metadata are packaged inside the iOS app bundle. The result is a standard iOS app with the contents of your Android APK.

  • Android
    Supports Android AOSP
    API level 22
  • Bare
    No virtualization
    or interpretation
  • Source Code
    Binary to binary
  • Secure
    Apps run in the iOS sandbox
    using iOS frameworks
Android Designed, Elegantly Rendered in iOS
  • Use standard Android tools and components to define the user experience. Visually design the user interface in Android Studio or programmatically populate your Activities and Fragments.



    Quartz Composer and Core Animation are used to render the user interface resulting in high frame rates.

Regardless of your Android app's user interface complexity or usage of 3rd party components, MechDome will provide a full fidelity experience in iOS.

iOS Integration

Your app transparently integrates with iOS without a single line of code change.

Standard Intents are automatically mapped to iOS UIKit elements for requesting contacts, images, documents or photos. Sharing data displays the iOS Share Sheet, including AirDrop. Launching a browser opens Safari. Notifications raise local iOS notifications. Sensors work through the standard Android API.

Every Android Developer is Now an iOS Developer

Never again you will have to spend time learning a proprietary cross-platform language that still requires you to handle platform differences manually. Android developers can view iOS devices as another Android platform. No special knowledge is needed to produce high quality apps for iOS.

No proprietary tools, APIs or frameworks means any Android developer is immediately productive.

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