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Prepare your iOS Dev Account

This blog post shows you how to prepare your Apple Developer Account for installing apps on physical iOS devices.

You will first create a certificate needed to sign your apps. In this guide we will create a Development certificate. You will need a Production certificate for publishing apps to the App Store. Next you will create a wildcard App ID which can be used for all Android apps you convert with MechDome. Lastly you will create a provisioning profile which will tie your App ID to your Development certificate and the devices you will use for testing.

Development Certificate

  1. Log in to your Apple Developer Account at Select Certificates,Identifiers & Profiles and click on “Development” under Certificates on the left navigation bar. You will be presented with any existing certificates.

    List of dev Certificates

  2. Click the ‘+’ button to create a new development certificate. Select “iOS App Development” and click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.

  3. You must follow the instructions presented in the “Create a CSR file” page. You will need a valid CSR file to complete the next step.

    ADB app running

    Click “Continue”.

  4. Upload the CSR file to generate your developer certificate. Click “Continue”.

  5. Click “Download” and double-click on the downloaded file to add the newly created certificate to your keychain.

App ID

  1. In the left navigation bar select “App IDs” under “Identifiers”

    ADB app running

  2. Click the ‘+’ button to create a new App ID. Enter a name for the App Identifier. This name will only be visible to you in the the Apple Developer website. Select “Wildcard App ID” and type “*” in the “Bundle ID” field. Do not select any App Services. ADB app running Click “Continue”.

  3. Click “Register” to create the wildcard “App ID”.

Adding devices

You must register every device you want to use for testing. Your app can only be installed on registered devices. You register a device via its UDID.

  1. Connect the device you want to register to a Mac computer and run the following command: xcrun instruments -s devices. You will be presented with a list of physical and simulated devices. Find the device you want to register, the UDID is the hexadecimal number in brakets

    <device name> [56B43C73A3984A40AF21C5BC2A5A5DEF]

  2. Select “All” under “Devices” on the left navigation bar. Click the “+” button. Enter Name and UDID of the device and click “Continue”.

ADB app running Clicking “Register”.

Provisioning Profile

  1. Select “Development” under “Provisioning Profiles” on the left navigation bar.

    ADB app running

  2. Click the “+”” button on top right side of the page. Select “iOS App Development”. Click “Continue”.

  3. Select the wildcard App ID from the drop down ADB app running

Click “Continue”.

  1. Select the development certificate created above. Click “Continue”.

  2. Select the devices you want to enable in this profile. Your apps can only be installed on the selected devices.

ADB app running Click “Continue”.

  1. Enter a name for this Provisioning Profile. Click “Continue”.

  2. Click Download to save your Provisioning Profile locally. The provisioning profile file required for signing apps you download from MechDome.

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